9/02/2008 11:36:00 AM

Work in progress.....huck towels for Christmas presents! OMG there are 6 different greens in each leaf...of course they had to diffrentiate between grape leaves and peach leaves...that's 12 shades of green in this towel...URRGGHHH! Completed piece for my "Princess" Rachel who absolutely loves dogs.... I started this as my first project back after having my last child in Dec 2006. Small kit purchased to see if I still had the patience...it took almost a year, abandoned, had to do alot of frogging, but FINALLY complete. This is a work in progress for Christmas....my niece likes Audrey Hepburn...it's such a quick work up....black only... found it on e-bay...
copied the pic into www.pic2point.com and made my own pattern!