4/08/2009 09:00:00 AM

Go Fly.... AWAY

What it SHOULD look like...........

WHAT It DOES look like
I purchased a Laura J Perin Design named "Flying Geese".....I HATE IT!!!!
The colors were different that came in the package than the pic on the front. (so much for purchasing on ebay) but my LNS doesn't carry them and I couldn't find any online that came with the threads......I could only find 14ct PLASTIC meshy stuff at Michaels.....So far I'm 0 for 3 which is a .000 batting average
I actually liked these colors better...until now I don't think I'm doing it correctly....you can see the canvas through the navy blue (which looks black) and I think I'm off by one......Also the pattern isn't "popping" out.....BLEECH
Coni....oohhh CONI (the Spinster Stitcher, herself)
If you are reading......how do you do your so beautifully???? How are yours masterfully placed and the colors completely fill the areas? As I stated before.....I can only aspire.....


Coni said...

Oh, you poor dearie. Now sit right down and have a sip of tea and take a deep breath. OK, first of all...methinks that you are fighting two battles here: the canvas and the threads. Each might be perfectly fine/lovely on their own, but combined together are just not the perfect stitchy experience that a LJP should be for you. May I have your email and snail mail addresses, please? Coni


Nete Lago said...

Hello Danielle,
I am happy for your visit.
Loved your blog, you have beautiful work.

Nete Lago said...

oh, thank you friend! I'm very happy because of your affection.

Anna van Schurman said...

I found your blog after checking out the Strawberry Sampler's "followers." Not much farther from SS (15 minutes up 202?) is Fireside Stitchery, a needlepoint shop (Rte 30, Frazier). I'm sure they will be able to help. Good luck!